Color Profile support on Embedded Systems  
This section provides information an how to perform color profile conversion on Embedded devices. My approach uses Qt since I conducted this research while doing my thesis work at the Qt office in Oslo, Norway. Picture on the left downloaded from here
Cloth Simulation  
Cloth Simulation project based on OpenGL, GLOW, GLUT, OpenMP, Eigen. The project uses the cloth simulation technique described in the “Game Developer Magazine”, May 1999 and is based on Dr. J. Mosegaard’s Implementation.
Ulallama: Project Zombie  
“Ulallama: Project Zombie” is a 3D game that was designed and developed within a timeframe of two weeks. It is based on XNA 3.1 and JigLibX, and is a Racing/task based game. The cars,scenery objects and zombies were downloaded from Turbosquid and the game tracks were constructed with 3ds Max 2011 (Student Edition).
This tool is just a GUI frontend that executes several system commands and uses hostAP daemon tool for creating an Infrastructure netowork on Linux.
AVR MP3 Player  
This is an Mp3 player based on an ATMega32 that uses the Nokia 5510 screen and the VS1003 audio decoder chip.
This library allows communicating with Omron PLCs with the Omron FINS protocol. The implementation has functions for reading/writing data to the PLC’s memory pool. It is limited to ethernet communication but RS-232 can be added easily.
Implementing IK (Inverse Kinematics)  
This tutorial provides the mathematical background for understanding Inverse Kinematics (IK). The sample code of this tutorial is in C++ and uses OpenGL for rendering. The movement of the arm is computed through the inverse Jacobian.